Choosing the Perfect Running Shoes

   Running is a great physical activity guaranteed to keep you fit and healthy. Choosing the right pair of running shoes is as crucial as how you practice your running. Here are six things that you need to consider when choosing your running shoes.
 1. Intended Use
The first thing to think of is the purpose of your shoes. Will you be running along a mountain   trail? On the road? In a marathon or for simple training around the neighborhood? Different types of surfaces require different kinds of running shoes, so do training versus racing.
2. Pronation
"Pronation" is a term which relates to the way the foot rolls when you run or walk. When buying any sport shoe, always be sure to know your pronation type first. Get expert gait analysis from specialist retail stores.
3. Length of Shoe
Do not be too constricted when it comes to your shoe size and choosing your running shoes. It is important to remember that in running, your foot will need more room compared to your average shoe-wearing routine. Also, your foot has a tendency to naturally expand as you run further, so keep that in mind as well.
4. Shoe Width
Not only is the length an important factor; the width should be greatly considered too. Many people do not have perfect foot proportions. Some have wider or narrower feet.
5. Weight
When it comes to weight, two things:
a. The weight of the runner - Being heavy or having more weight, as well as being bigger in terms of body built, requires a lot of shoe support.
b. The weight of the shoe- The key rule is to have running shoes that support you well, but are lightweight themselves. This is because you will be wearing and running with your shoes for kilometers and for long stretches of time, so the lighter, the better.
6. Socks
When trying on your running shoes, be sure to bring a pair of socks with you. There are a variety of socks available for running that can greatly improve support and comfort inside the shoe, so choose carefully.

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