Choose the right footwear

Everyone loves to wear fashionable shoes. It raises your self-esteem and also defines your attitude. While stilettos, high heels, peep toes, narrow and tight fitting shoes are on everyone’s must-have list, there is a grim downside as inappropriate footwear often leads to a wide range of problems.Managing body weight is a problem with high heels and higher is the risk of falling, tripping and also spraining your feet.

Choosing the right shoe is important as those who suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic foot and unnatural position of foot must choose the right footwear to ensure that their condition does not aggravate.

Even normal people should mostly opt for platform shoes, ballet shoes, flip-flops and other flats as it is best for managing one’s weight and also ensuring that the foot is in a good condition.

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