This shoe thief has left leanings

This is one thief who clearly puts his left foot first. Staff at the Adidas showroom on Jangli Maharaj Road came in to work on Friday and found 25 shoes missing, all for the left foot. The incident occurred during the early hours of Friday.

However, whatever half-witted behaviour the thief exhibited in the items he stole, he made up for it by taking the digital video recorder in which CCTV footage was being captured, leaving no clues for police to probe the case.

A case has been registered at Deccan Gymkhana police station. Staff of the Adidas outlet claimed that goods worth Rs 1.5 lakh had been stolen from the shop, including 25 shoes, some jackets and a few pairs of flip-flops.

Speaking to Mirror, Indrajeet Kadam of the outlet said the tea shop vendor, who opens his shop early in the morning, saw the main shutter of their shop broken and immediately called the Adidas main office. The staff was informed of the incident some time later.

"When we arrived, we opened the main shutter and saw that 25 shoes, which were on display, were missing. The thief also took some jackets and flip-flops from the shelves. All the shoes the thief took were for the left foot," Kadam said.

He added that as CCTV cameras had been installed in the showroom, the cameras continue to function even after the shop is closed.

"However, the burglar turned out to be rather more intelligent than we originally thought. He may have stolen shoes only for one foot, but he remembered to take the DVR machine with the recording of CCTV footage," Kadam said.

Cops from Deccan police station, too, are amused by this burglary.

Senior police inspector, Pravin Chaugule of Deccan Gymkhana police station, said they have registered a case and were investigating with the help of CCTV cameras installed close to the shop.

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