These Adidas Shoes Are Made For Cyber Ninja Basketball Players (Or Something)

For 12 years, the pop-kitsch-focused designer Jeremy Scott has been designing Adidas’s craziest limited edition shoes, including high tops with teddy bears, Icarus-inspired wings, and even controversial shackles. Generally, his projects look like a young, drunken Japanese popstar has vomited all over your feet--and we say that in the most loving way possible!

But his latest pair of Adidas Originals--the JS Wings 3.0--capture a whole new aesthetic. Out is the Grecian-cartoon look of giant feathered wings. In is a midnight black high top, with a patent leather upper, neoprene lining, and a spikey black leather topper.

The wings haven't gone away, however. Most notably, the wings have morphed from cute caricature to the mean-looking weaponry of an anime cyber ninja. They have an organic, sci-fi villain feel to it, as if made from super strong alien materials that can be molded in any shape, so long as they’re sorta curvey, very sharp, and very black. Look no further than Battlestar Galactica, The Avengers, or The Terminator for examples. When concept designers want to depict the ultimate in technological advancement, they reach this insectified-obelisk look, and then they kind of don’t know where to go next.

Even though this line represents the one-off musings of Jeremy Scott, it seems to tease a lot of fresh design to come for Adidas, which is a company amidst a major design shift,

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