All-weather leather with Converse Jack Purcell

MANILA, Philippines - Converse debuts the fall 2014 Jack Purcell collection, delivering classic versions with a modern blend of weatherized fabrics and leather.

The cool season is here and these sneakers, with their wax cotton cross-stitch detail, outfitted leather, and a core texture are perfect.

The Converse Jack Purcell Cross Stitch will make one reminisce the classic Jack Purcell design but this time, with a twist. Its re-outfitted sophisticated leather comes in the colors of twilight, tobacco, black, Converse charcoal and bordo.

It also features a Jack Purcell stitch on the tongue and square wax cotton laces with brass eyelets.

Converse also has the Jack Purcell Ox which is water-resistant for the erratic Philippine weather. It sits on a comfy cork bed with the signature Jack Purcell blue bottoms and smile toe cap, available in shades of wild honey, terrarosa, and old silver.

  For added warmth and comfort, one may opt for the Converse Jack Purcell Split Tongue design which features a wool inner lining, exuding warmth in a fashionable style.

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The new collection also boasts some mid-cut goodness with the Converse Jack Purcell Mid. This leather sneaker with aluminum eyelets goes in the colors of rusty, black, and admiral. It also sits on a comfy cork foot bed along with the Jack Purcell signature blue bottom and smile details.

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