With footwear, ugly is the new pretty

BIRKENSTOCK SANDALS: Something your grandma would wear but Birkenstocks are back
big time. Fans of the double-strap buckled variation include Miranda Kerr,
blogger Leandra Medine and countless other fashion-forward street-stylers.
Prepare yourself people, Birkenstocks, also known as pool sliders, nana-shoes or
ugly shoes, are back.

Love them or hate them, the chunky-soled sandals have risen from the ashes and
Birkenstock inspired styles are coming to a high street store near you.
The original German Birkenstock sandal was first produced by Karl Birkenstock in
1964 and were an instant hit due to their comfort and unique styling.

Director of Overland Footwear, Louise Anselmi, says Birkenstock style shoes have
begun trending and the demand for similar styles from customers was soaring.

"Our customers have fully adopted the look and the demand is huge.
"I think the New Zealand customer is a practical girl and she is loving both the
freshness of a new trend and the fact that this is such a wearable, comfortable

Asked to describe the polarising sandal in in three words, Anselmi opted for
functional, refreshing and nostalgic.

The rise of the "ugly shoe" had been influenced by many overseas celebrities,
including actress Olivia Wilde, she said.

"[The] Olsen twins love this grungy chic look, Miranda Kerr has been spotted
wearing Birks, as well as Selma Blair, Chloe Sevigny, who are all embracing this
casual style statement.''

Birkenstock admirer Sarah Wallace says Birkenstock shoes will be her summer
"I like the simple organic look" Wallace said.

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