What Fashion Footwear Is Always Lacking!

Fall is rapidly approaching and it is time to start looking at your fall shoe wardrobe to see what designers makes the cut and what designers needs to be replaced! Support is replaced with cute; comfortable is replaced with tolerance because "they go with what I'm wearing." Every woman wants to walk happily ever after in whatever footwear they own.

There are many new hot styles available this fall by shoe designers such as Steve Madden, Kenneth Cole, Christian Louboutin, Chinese Laundry, Nine West, Manolo Blahnik, Prada and many more. The height of the heel can vary in size and shape, the inner sole / outer sole of the shoe may be made out of new lightweight materials, the upper part of the shoe could have a fabulous sexy design with great colors "but what is always lacking for women in all shoe styles is adequate arch support". No matter how expensive shoes are or how high or low the heel height is, over time women's feet will start to scream help because of the lack of arch support provided and the way their foot structure is designed. When asked, "Is it my shoe or my foot that is causing the problem?" the answer appears to be both. "Foot structure and shoe design are the triggers." The most common problems I see in my office with women who wear fashion footwear are arch, ball of the foot and joint pain. The higher the heel the greater potential for foot problems and the less time you want to spend in those shoes.

Why these problems occur is simply because feet were not designed to be up in the air and balance on a narrow base at the heel and be thrown forward because the pitch of the shoe. Therefore the muscles in the bottom of the foot can eventually fatigue and spasm, the pads on the ball of your foot can get inflamed and the great toe joint can jam into the floor of the shoe due to the pitch of the shoe.

Since women are not going to stop buying fashion footwear here are some solutions to the problem. Placing over the counter arch supports or custom made orthotics in your shoes is the best way to solve the lack of arch support issue or burning off the ball of your foot and prevent jamming of the great toe joint into the floor of the shoe due to the acute pitch of the shoe. Many times you will experience instant comfort. An added bonus is that they can also take leg and low back fatigue away too!

However, make sure there is enough room for both your foot and the arch support; some products can be too bulky. Bring a pair of shoes with you if you buy them at a local store to insure proper fit. If you have custom orthotics made by a podiatrist your doctor will make sure they fit properly. Buying arch supports on line is another option and there are arch products that can just fit in the arch of the shoe regardless of heel height or style. Just peel the adhesive backing off and stick them in. Just type in key words such as, arch supports for fashion footwear, instant arch support or arch support for high heels.

Another way to provide your feet with instant comfort is by placing a soft thin innersole in your fashion footwear. The innersoles will reduce friction and burning as well as provide a little extra cushion in the heel and ball of the foot when standing or walking.

By purchasing the proper arch support, it will allow you to wear the shoes you love to wear more comfortably and expand your shoe horizons!

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