This ‘bakery’ will make you want to buy new shoes and eat cake at the same time

Sometimes a classic pair of black stilettos won’t do, and for those days there’s Shoe Bakery.

The concept, from American Chris Campbell, is pretty much just pretty and sexy shoes that look like cakes.

Because if you love cakes and shoes, why not combine the two?

The results are confusing, mostly because you find yourself unsure whether to put the goods on your feet or attempt to cram them in your mouth.
Chris started his footwear brand on Etsy, but due to high customer demand has had to branch out on his own e-commerce website which currently features two collections – cake and ice cream.

Customers can pay between £45 and £200 for a pair of shoes from the online store or can commission Shoe Bakery to design their own pair.

It’s pretty much worth buying a pair just to Instagram alone – and then, y’know popping to an actual bakery to get your sugary carb quota for the month.

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