Nike’s LeBron 12: “Finest Performance Shoe Ever”

Nike is extremely enthusiastic about the upcoming launch of its new "LeBron 12" basketball shoe, which it claims is its finest work yet
Two days ago, Nike Inc (NKE) unveiled a new pair of basketball shoes under the LeBron James collection. “The LeBron 12” was revealed at the company’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, and the basketball star himself was there to promote it. The new shoes will hit the stores on October 11, and will be priced at $200 a pair.

The basketball shoes segment is extremely important for Nike to increase growth rates as the sportswear giant primarily depends on its innovation in footwear to expand its market share. The unique technology incorporated in these shoes supports the company’s strategy to advance growth.

Launching a new shoe under the LeBron patronage is an intelligent step taken by Nike. Since LeBron James returned to his hometown Ohio and re-joined the Cleveland Cavaliers, his score has been on the rise. Moreover, LeBron exhibits an outstanding mix of strength, efficiency, and fiery speed, ranking at the most premier level of basketball. His exceptional abilities and skills necessitate inventive shoes, which are customized to the requirements of his multi-faceted game.

The shoe is expected to roll out by October 11, just two weeks before the Cleveland Cavaliers open the season at Ohio by playing against the New York Knicks. LeBron 12 will be the 12th endorsement by the NBA superstar. Nike endorsed him for his first shoe in 2003 when he had just graduated from high school and started his basketball career in Cleveland, later on leading Miami to win two NBA titles.

After Mr. James shifted to Miami, sales of LeBron shoes surged more than 50%. This summer, he rejoined the Cavaliers under a new contract worth $41 million, which gives him a choice to leave after one year. However, he is highly enthusiastic to be playing for the Cavaliers once again and is resolute about sticking with the team till the end of his career.

The new shoe is expected to make waves in the basketball market. The shoe features three primary benefits – strong support, excellent cushioning, and natural flexibility.

A distinct characteristic is that the shoe features colorful hexagon-shaped cushions on its sole, which add vivacity to the footwear. The hexagon-shaped cushions are referred to as “Nike Zoom Air” and are positioned at the correct pressure points of the sole to enable the players to exhibit superior performance during the game.
Nike claims LeBron 12 is the “finest performance shoe” ever produced by the company. They have incorporated forward-thinking designs in the shoe to come up with the most innovative and high-performing shoe to date. The company integrated superior engineering and art to deliver a high-quality product in the form of LeBron 12, which is bound to enhance the top basketball player’s on-court performance.

Nike’s research department has invested considerable time and energy to offer the kind of footwear that inculcates both court performance and scientific learning. Nike’s Sport Research Lab offers the company’s basketball shoes’ designing team a thorough evaluation on the scientific testing of the player’s performance on court.

The new shoe has been created in the same research lab, where scientific knowledge and evaluation corroborated the need for innovative support, cushioning, and flexibility in a single shoe.

Overall, Nike has high expectations from the new LeBron shoe. With an unbeatable blend of strength and flexibility, the new shoe will provide impeccable on-court support not only to LeBron but other basketball players as well. According to Nike, the high-performance factor of the new footwear will help the company capture a significant chunk of the sportswear market.

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