Shoe care: Don't let moisture affect you leather wear

Ishaan Sachdeva, Director of Alberto Torresi, offers tips to make sure moisture doesn't affect your leather wear.

Muck off

Mud has a tendency to stick to your shoes and dry on them, leaving your stylish wear ugly. Make sure to brush the muck off them before putting them away.

Dry them

After every wear, air your shoes for a few hours under a ceiling fan. This will remove the moisture from atmosphere and sweat, so the shoes will be free of odour.

Remove fungus

Due to moisture in the air, your shoes can develop fungus growth. You need to treat them with the right solution. Use a toothbrush and a soap solution and scrub the fungus off. Then leave your shoes to relax under a fan or in sunlight.

How to store

Moisture can also affect the shape of your shoes and cause creases and bending. To prevent that, stuff your shoes with newspaper. Cover in a cloth bag before putting them away in a box.

Polish regularly

Not only does polish help your shoes shine, it also protects them from moisture. So choose the right kind of polish and brush your shoes with it.

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