Best Footwear Tips For The Monsoon Season

Monsoon is the most awaited season in India after the scorching summer. During the monsoon season, wearing expensive shoes is a bad idea. But in case you need to wear good shoes to work during the monsoon season, here are some tips to follow to look after them.

Plastic shoes and gum boots are the best to opt for to beat the wet road and mud water filled pot holes. Wearing good shoes during this season will only ruin its texture. If you have no other choice, then these footwear tips will be of great help to you.

On the other hand, looking after your feet is vital too. It is mainly during this season that your feet tends to sweat a lot due to the humidity and the moisture. This in turn leads to all sorts of foot infections such as cracked feet, athlete's foot and so on.
Therefore, these footwear tips to follow in the monsoon season will make sure your favourite pair of footwear will last longer.

The Muck
As soon as you return home from the rain, use a clean and moist cloth to wipe the muck off your footwear. Doing this will help to remove the wet mud too.

For Sports Shoes
If your sports shoes are messy and wet from the rains, the first footwear tip is to loosen the laces, pull out the tongue, invert the shoe and allow it to dry. Setting it to dry immediately will not allow the shoes to get ruined.

Shoe Cabinets
Until and unless your shoes are dry completely from the rain, do not place them in closed cabinets. Otherwise, this will cause the shoe to get worn out and tear. This is one of the basic footwear tips to follow in monsoon.

The Sun Helps
The best footwear care for wet shoes is to allow them to dry under sunlight. This will also kill any sort of bacteria/germs in the shoes after you have walked in rain puddles.

Say No To Leather
It is best to avoid wearing leather shoes during the monsoon. But, if an occasion demands you to wear them, you need to apply a wax-based polish. The wax creates a thin protective layer which provides light resistance to rainwater.

Rubber Footwear
In such cases, the best footwear care in the monsoon is to allow it to dry under the fan, immediately. If you fail to do it, the rubber will emit a foul smell and will also tend to peel.

Plastic Sandals
To stay comfy in the monsoon season, it is best to wear plastic shoes. These shoes will protect your feet as the water doesn't get soaked into it. However, if a little mud sticks to its sole, brush it down when the shoes are dry.

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