Take care of your leather belts

One of the most sought after accessory for men is a leather belt. After all, it adds a style statement to even an ordinary pair of pants.

Firstly, you need to find a belt that is of a perfect size, as a size smaller or bigger can make your belt wear out faster. Here are some simple tips to take care of your leather belt.

Use a hanger: Don't roll your belt or loop it and toss it in a drawer. Instead, use a clothes hanger and give your belt breathing space.
Rotate belts: Quite like shoes, belts, too, wear out if worn continuously. Keep at least three belts in your wardrobe and wear them on a rotational basis.

Condition your belt: The humid weather can take a toll on your belt. If you are using a leather conditioner for your shoes, use it to nourish your belts too.

Keep it dry: If you spill water on your belt, blot it with a towel immediately and let it air dry. During the rainy season, especially, keep the belt covered with your shirt or jacket. Sweat, too, can ruin your belt's look. So, make sure you clean your belt after its worn.

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