Attempt to Retrieve Footwear Cost Srinidhi Her Life

The hunt for her missing footwear cost Dasari Srinidhi her life. Srinidhi, one of the 24 students of VNR Vignana Jyoti Engineering College in Hyderabad, who were swept away in the Beas river in Himachal Pradesh, could have escaped death if only she did not get back into the swirling waters looking for her missing footwear, according to her grieving parents Raji Reddy and Ananta Laxmi.

They told newsmen here on Monday that Srinidhi, who was posing for photographs along with the other students standing in the river, initially managed to escape when water suddenly gushed in and washed away the other students. However, she almost immediately got back into the river to retrieve her footwear and proved fatal for her.

Srindhi, a resident of Dwarakanagar here, was studying second year Engineering course.

“We last saw our daughter on June 2 when she left our house for a North and East India tour, organized by her college”, her parents said. Srinidhi, the second of her parents’ two daughters, had come to Karimnagar to attend the engagement of her elder sister, who was scheduled to be married on August 4.

“After watching the shocking news of the tragedy involving the VNR engineering college students, we called up our daughter but there was no response. Then we rang up her friend and it was then that our worst fears came true”, the parents said.

On hearing the news, Srinidhi’s mother went into a shock and collapsed.

Meanwhile district TDP president Ch Vijayaramana Rao has condoled the drowning of 24 students in the tragedy. He has demanded that the government should provide all necessary facilities to the parents of students.

Nayani, Officials Rush to Himachal

On the directions of CM KCR, Home Minister Nayani Narsimha Reddy, with Disaster Management chief BR Meena, rushed to the spot and spoke to Himachal Pradesh CM Veerabhadra Singh requesting him to take relief measures. KCR also spoke to Singh. Balala Hakkula Sangam filed a petition with HRC, which directed the Chief Secretary and Police Commissioner to submit a report by Aug 14.

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