Ten tips for a good shoe fit

Choosing the perfect pair of shoes can seem like a daunting task at times. With so many brand names, styles, colours, and functions, it can actually get overwhelming at times. The following are ten tips for a good shoe fit.

1.    Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes we make when selecting shoes is that we consider the price tag before anything else. Department store rack shoes may look good, but these are “cookie cutter” shoes and therefore are not designed to fit all feet.  Visit a local store so that they can fit you properly.

2.    Higher heeled, pointed shoes can cause knee pain, lower back pain, and bunions when worn frequently. Also, high-heeled shoes put tremendous pressure on the fat pad under the forefoot. The higher the heel, the greater the pressure and the greater the likelihood for injury. Wear as infrequently as possible because they can deform the foot shape.

3.    When buying shoes, try to do so at the end of the day versus the morning. The reason is because our feet tend to swell throughout the day, up to 8 percent. For a good shoe fit, purchase shoes at the end of the day to ensure maximum comfort.

4.    Our feet can change shape so being properly fitted every year is recommended.

5.    Be sure to stand when having your feet fitted because our weight expands our feet.

6.    A good fitting shoe means that there should be ½ inch of space between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe.

7.    Have both feet measured because not everyone has two feet that are the same size.

8.    Square or rounded shoes provide the best comfort by allowing the toes to be natural.

9.    If your foot is too wide for a type of shoe you like, a larger size may not be the right choice, you may slide around in that particular shoe. It is best to choose another shoe.

10.    Shop at a store that has a variety of styles, sizes, and sales help that is knowledgeable.

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