Take care of your shoes

If you own an expensive pair of shoes, it's important to take good care of them to make them last. A pair of shoes that is well taken care of, will even look good for years.

Shoe tree: Most leather shoes have a tendency to shrink or develop lines or creases on their surface. A shoe tree, which is an unvarnished piece of wood that mimics the shape of your feet, prevents shoes from creasing and preserves their shape. Using a set of unvarnished shoe trees with heel support ensures that the moisture and sweat are soaked and you get dry shoes that fit well.

Suede care: Suede and leather shoes are different, both in the way they fit and the way you care for them. Since suede shoes cannot be polished, you need to use a suede eraser to rub away the scuff marks. Use a special suede brush to clean and polish the shoes. Make sure our shoes are dry since water tends to ruin suede.

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