G&D Appointed Licensee for Chota Bheem Footwear

G&D is in footwear production for 2 decades and has speciality in kids’ category catering to age group of 2 years to 14 years. G&D produces millions of pairs every year in the entire children category like flip-flops, sandals, shoes and school shoes for boys and girls.

G&D had incorporated a new company by the name of G&D Trade Zone Pvt Ltd last year to  outsource, market and distribute Disney footwear throughout India by the different channels.
With the great success of Disney Footwear, Green Gold Group has appointed G&D Group to manufacture, outsource, market and distribute Chhota Bheem footwear through out india in the different channels like Departmental stores, Footwear speciality stores, online, MBO’S through distribution network.

The promoter of G&D Trade zone is Mr. Ajay Agarwal and has Mr. B.D Nathani as CEO to handle entire Disney & Chhota Bheem business . Mr. Nathani has been associated with footwear industry for over 2 decades and has been credited with successful launches of many footwear  & apparel brands like Woodland, Lotto, New Balance, Crocs etc.  Mr. B.D Nathani was also associated with Adidas and Liberty shoes as consultant.

Says Mr B.D.Nathani CEO G&D Trade Zone, It is a strategic decision to have complete hold over kids footwear market. While G&D caters to the masses and Disney Footwear was catering to premium segement and we found a gap for the middle class. Hence to tap the middle class customers we have taken the Licence of Chhota Bheem footwear. With this strategy G&D group will cater to masses, middle classes and upper classes.  
Chhota Bheem footwear range will be available in the market by Feb-2014.

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