Sofie Bly is a Swedish shoe-brand with focus on environment, design and uniqueness.

With a new technique for design and the urge to make a difference, Sofie takes shoes to a whole new level.

The result is a strong, fashionable and eco-chic collection that fulfills the desire of a woman that wants to look great, but also feel good about herself.
After many years in the fashion business Sofie got tired of seeing products without soul being launched
into the market, abusing both people and natures resources.

That is why the shoes in her collection are made out of eco-friendly materials such as vegetable tanned leather and organic cotton.

In today’s throw-away society Sofie Bly is proud to go mainstream with a sustainable product that helps preserve the long tradition of manufacturing and keep knowledge and jobs from moving to low cost-countries.

The brand has been on many runways across Europe, worn by celebrities as well as the Swedish Royalty :)

Because of Sofie's love of life and animals, there will also be a VEGAN collection starting SS2014.

The name of the collection is CIRCLES.
As in eternal, unite, timeless, distinct and feminine. Through this minimalistic tool Sofie finds new shapes for her shoes and creates her recognizable collection. The collection CIRCLES is for those, who just like Sofie, prefers quality before quantity, and wants to wear only what is natural and contribute to a better world.

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