Mangalore has spa for shoes too

Coastal city too has added the trend of Metro cities with the opening of the first shoe spa. Going to cobbler for shoe care and polish will soon be a thing of past.

Shoe Laundry, the city's first shoe spa offers all services related to shoes of various types starting from washing, polishing to stitching, sole replacement and stitching under one shadow. The traditional anvil of cobbler is replaced with modern rubbing, washing and polishing machines at shoe spa. More people, especially youths are attracted to the new concept of shoe spa.

Ahmed Bawa, who brought the shoe spa concept to the city, told TOI that young, especially students avail the services. "The laundry has machines to wash and polish shoes, especially camel shoes. Rubbing machine and polish are used to give camel shoes 90% new look. We use appropriate polish to give new look for the shoes. Other than cleaning dirt and polishing, the spa also undertake replacement of sole and other mending works," he said.

"It is common in Mumbai and Bangalore, but nobody thought of opening such venture here. Hence, I decided to open shoe spa here in this city. Many people have approached him to open branches. However, I have not taken any decision yet," he added.

Avishek Rai, a student, said he finds it very convenient to get his shoes reconditioned through spa. "Most of us do not have time to clean our dirty shoes. It requires skill to clean branded shoes that costs thousands of rupees. Developing cities definitely requires such centres to cater the needs of office-goers, businessmen and students," he added.

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