Footwear export expo in Kozhikode

A three-day footwear industry exhibition, aimed to showcase Kerala’s capabilities as a fast-growing footwear manufacturing city, will be held at Kozhikode from November 24.

The exhibition is expected to attract a large number of traders from West and Far East Asia, apart from many major cities within India. It will also attract manufacturers of new technologies, designers and marketers. Industry specialists from China and Italy, two key footwear manufacturing countries, will be showing up.

Products from almost all footwear makers and ancillary units in Kerala will feature at the exhibition which is being organised by the Footwear Manufacturers Association of Kerala (`Fooma). The exhibition is expected to increase the global market access of Kerala’s non-leather footwear. Kozhikode has in the past decade emerged as a hub of non-leather chappals and shoes.

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