Hand-sewn flip flops for spa, holiday

Flip-flop brand Havaianas has teamed up with the Indian luxury swimwear brand Shivan & Narresh to create special collection for fall season. The hand-sewn collection with interesting materials makes it a must-have.

Havaianas Special flip flop collection for Shivan & Narresh, made from crystals and organic meshes, such as the straw from the moriche palm, a tree in the Brazilian cerrado (tropical savanna), is hand-sewn by artisans from Alagoa Nova, in the state of Paraíba, north eastern Brazil, said a statement.

The flip-flops, which you can slip into before heading out for beach holiday or spa, will be retailed on Havaianas’ e-commerce website havaianasindia.in as well as through the designer duo’s stores.
The price range is between Rs .4,800 and Rs. 5,200.

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