We've been able to retain our people for over 20 yrs: Woodland

At Woodland, we believe in the trend of sustainability that can be supported indefinitely in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility. We evaluate our processes and implement new strategies to minimise our ecological footprint, and it is our people who contribute towards that goal.
Our employee base includes a broad range of functions and roles—from brand and category experts to footwear designers and retail workers, from specialists in logistics, customs, tax and trade, to distribution-centre managers and more.
We focus our efforts by (1) assessing, promoting and assisting the factories in improving their working environment, (2) motivating employees and partners to seize opportunities to reduce environmental impact, and (3) supporting communities where we operate.
We also give our employees freedom of speech and expression, which, in turn, is visible in their performance. We believe employees are our real asset and we jointly work with them. The result is we have been able to retain our people over the last 20-25 years, including senior-level employees.
The author is V-P, strategy & planning, Woodland

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