Students develop 'smart-shoes' to detect disorders related to pronation of legs

Final year electronics and communication engineering students of Srinivas Institute of Technology have developed 'Smart Shoes', electronic footwear to detect the disorders related to pronation of legs.

Students - Abhikshek MS, Jefin Thomas, Naveen Jogi, and Govin Dominic D'Souza have developed the shoes under the guidance of Sathish Kumar K, associate professor in department of electronics and communication engineering, SIT. This device helps doctors to detect how much force is applied to walk or run by an individual, who is suffering from pronation disorders in legs.
These four budding engineers have designed this shoe with three force-sensitive resistors (FSRs) mounted within the sole of the shoes and an accelerometer is mounted on it. The shoes are also equipped with a battery and a memory card.

Explaining on how the shoe functions, Sathish Kumar K told TOI that one has to wear the shoes and walk. The FSRs in the shoes are placed in such a way that, it detects how much force the user is applying to walk, he said. If the user is applying less force to walk than a normal person, then the data of how much force is applied by the user will be recorded in the memory card and this will help doctors to identify whether a person's leg has pronation defects or not, he added.

To find out how much force is applied by a person suffering from pronation disorders, doctor has to just transfer the data recorded in the memory card to a computer, said Sathish.

The smart shoe is also useful for athletes to find out how much force they are applying while running, says Sathish. They have developed this shoe at a cost of Rs 20,000.

"These shoes will ease the work of doctors in detection of pronation defects. We would be happy if any company come forward to manufacture and provide it to doctors," Sathish urged.

Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology has sponsored funds for SIT to develop the smart shoes.

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