For Jains, animal lovers: Now a pure veg shoe!

If you thought vegetarianism pertains only to food, think again because a Mumbai based company has come out with vegetarian shoes.

Senso Vegetarian Shoes promotes a “vegetarian lifestyle from head to toe” by offering a large variety of shoes, bags and other accessories which are not made of leather, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

The target customers for the products are the Jains and the company is strategically developing their stores in Mulund and Ghatkopar in Mumbai–areas populated with followers of the Jain religion who are normally strict vegetarians.
Image used for representative purpose only. Reuters

So, why Jains? Besides the fact that Jains are usually vegetarians, many Jain temples also forbid leather on their premises.

The fact that India probably has the largest population of vegetarians may work in the favour of the brand.

Ritu, one of the two promoters behind the store also wants to promote animal welfare through their new concept.  She told WSJ, “Leather is branded as a style statement but animal lovers have to recognize that a creature has died to make that product.”

In fact, the company received recognition from People for Ethical Treatment of Animals  (PETA) when it was awarded the Best Vegan Company for shoes in March.

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