Students device 'robotic sandal' for women to tackle crimes

In the backdrop of rising cases of crime against women, four Thane students have come up with a 'Robotic sandal' for the rescue of women in distress.

Four students of class VII and IX have made a ladies sandal by fitting certain devices at the bottom of the normal footwear used by women.
The device consists of a metallic rivet having a voltage of 5V.

While displaying the 'robotic sandal' before media yesterday, the children showed that in time of distress, if the sandal is hit twice on the ground, it gets activated, triggering a wireless alarm connected to the instrument, which can be ideally kept in a bag or purse.

The moment the alarm is set off, the device sends alert SMSes to already specified numbers and the location of the woman in distress can easily be detected.

Also, it was claimed that if a woman hits the assaulter with the sandal, it gives a shock to him as the rivet is activated.

The gadget first came to limelight during a competition held in Thane last month where children had to showcase the scientific gadgets made by them.

Later, the four children who made the 'robotic sandal' - Siddharth Wani of class 9th from Maratha Mandir School, Sambahvi Joshi and Chinmay Marathe of class 7th from A K Joshi School and Chinmay Jadhav of class 9th from Mount Marys Kalher - were supported in their endeavour by a city-based private organisation, Children's Tech Centre, which promotes children talent and scientific activities.

The centre imparted them vigorous training in robotics following which the group of students improvised upon their gadget and made it worth for use, said Purushottam Pachpande, the managing director of Children's Tech Centre.

Tested by about half-a-dozen women, this sandal costs Rs 2,000, he said, adding that it is not being commercially produced.

On the occasion, the children told mediapersons that amid increasing cases of crime against women, people were resorting to defence mechanisms like keeping a weapon, taking karate classes or carrying pepper sprays and chilly powder, but this device is better.

"The gadget would prove to be a better defence weapon in times of need," they said.

The students also said that while going out, one may sometimes forget to carry his/her cellphone or other defence alternatives, but sandal is one thing that women will hardly forget to wear while stepping out, that is why they thought of incorporating this gadget on a footwear.

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