Six million visit Haining Leather Market

The number people that have visited the Haining Leather Market (approx two hours south of Shanghai) numbered nearly six million in 2012, up 15.12% and setting a new record in terms of visitor numbers, according to the latest statistics released by the operators of the leather market, Haining Leather Market Group.

Haining Leather Market is regarded China’s largest leather and leather products retailer with over 3500 stores located in nearly one million square metres of floor space. Haining is China’s leading production and export zone for leather garments, leather furniture and leather goods. Leather products sold in the market account for one third of China’s national sales.

More recently similar markets have opened in Jiangsu, Tongerpu, Henan and Sichuan. The Haining Leather Market Group have also started construction of markets in Beijing and Herbin cities.

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