China bans Brazilian raw hide imports due to BSE

Following a request from theSauerReport which had received several enquiries about a new import ban on hides from Brazil connected to a mad cow disease (BSE) case, the China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) issued a statement after checking with the Chinese authorities.
“The Chinese government issued a statement on the December 7, 2012 requiring customs to stop imports of cattle and cattle by-products from Brazil due to mad cow disease, the policy has already taken effect.
Because China and Brazil have not yet signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement on imports of hides, up to mid January raw hide imports from Brazil are still not allowed to enter into China. The CLIA hope that the two organisations (CLIA and CICB) could lobby their national governments to sign this type of agreement soon.
Wet-blue, semi-finished and finished leather are not included in the policy, meaning those products can enter into China’s ports without any limitation.”

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