Shoe outlet told to pay full money to ‘dissatisfied’ customer

A shoe manufacturing and sale outlet felt the bite when a dissatisfied customer filed plaint with consumer forum, which ordered for full refund on an expensive pair of shoes plus compensation.

The decision has come against Armor Sports located at Treasure Island Mall and NKHWS, India, Limited, New Delhi.

Complainant Manish Sharma of Anand Nagar stated that he had purchased a pair of Adidas shoes from the said outlet at TI mall on January 26, 2011. He paid Rs 2250 in cash against purchase of a pair of shoes of a reputed brand. To his surprise, the shoe came unstitched from the sole. Manish showed the shoes at Armour store and was assured by salesmen about service quality of American manufacturing company.

The shoe was collected by the store with the promise that it would either be replaced or Manish would be refunded in full. Store claimed having sent the shoe back and Manish was left to doing the rounds of the store. He, however, neither received a replacement or a refund. The matter reached the Consumer Forum, which not only awarded a total refund but also Rs 1500 towards mental duress caused and Rs 1000 towards legal expenses borne by complainant.

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