Fashion footwear leads to driving ban

The Highway Code is brief when it comes to fashion advice. It states that before setting off you should ensure clothing and footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner'.

The code may need to revise its advice in light of a verdict delivered by Judge Martin Steiger at Manchester Crown Court.

He banned assistant headteacher Vera Baxter from driving for four months after finding her guilty of dangerous driving.

The cause: Ugg boots. They snagged on the brake pedal, causing Baxter to crash her

Volkswagen Golf. The judge ruled: It was the defendant's choice of footwear that made her unable to control the vehicle when the crisis arose.' It's a common problem.

A 2010 poll by the AA found 27 percent of drivers had got into difficulties thanks to inappropriate footwear.

High heels are the most common culprits.

The best footwear is a pair of dedicated driving shoes with nubbly, rubber tabs on the soles.

If that sounds boring, take heart from the knowledge that James Bond wears them. His come from the bootmaker John Lobb and cost from £450 (R6232).

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