Adidas Hires Justin Bieber For NEO Label

Justin Bieber has stayed away from endorsement deals for a good while, allowing other young stars or acts to snatch them up. So it was surprising to hear that he signed a 2-year deal with Adidas NEO Label. He will appear in their ads and TV spots for the sub-brand, but he will also allowed to throw in a personal touch by offering styles and looks that he approves of. It appears that the new campaign has just started, hence why Justin and Adidas have launched a contest for fans to win a chance to meet Justin in Miami. All they will have to do is help to find his gold Adidas, which sounds simple enough, even though it will be a tough one to win. You can find out more info about it at the official website and the video down below for more info on the contest.

I am glad that he was able to become attached to a huge brand like Adidas. It proves that he hasn’t lost his charm, large fan base or his “swagger”. It will be interesting to see how this new endorsement deal will affect their sales. I like to think that they will see a nice increase in sales, but I don’t know if that will be the case or not. He has a lot of competition right now and so far he has been struggling to stay afloat among it all in terms of news or projects. Hopefully this new deal will provide him with the much needed edge that he will need.

How do you feel about this new project? Wise or not for Justin? It goes well with the image he wants to project for himself, so it could be a smart move career wise. But I can also see how some people might not be pleased with Adidas choice of having Justin as their public face for one of their sub-brands. It was a risky move and while I do think that it could work out well for everyone, their will always be that risk for both Justin and Adidas. The good news is that I do think they will have the sales on their side, at least around a certain market share for the Adidas.

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