New store reflects the evolution of the brand while paying homage to its heritage and originalvalues. London, June 21 2012  – Crocs Inc. announced today the opening of a new retail improved experience in Bluewater, UK. In 10 years Crocs has evolved to become a four-season footwear brand, for men, women and children with 300 styles epitomizing fashion, style and comfort for everyday living. In celebration of this milestone the brand introduced today a new and evolved shopping environment that reflects this principle whilst maintaining the brand’s core values. The new store features include:

• A heritage inspired environment with materials found on or near the water.

• An eclectic yet comfortable experience designed with the Crocs’ consumer in mind.

• Compelling visual merchandising stories that allow the rediscovery of the classic silhouettes while introducing new innovations.

• A refresh to the self-service model that engages with the customer and showcases the product.

• A scalable and flexible model that has global applications.

This new store surprises the senses with a design concept unique to any other retail space. The careful selection of materials creates an environment and overall experience to be grounded in comfort and relaxation. A refreshed approach to merchandising within store provides an easier environment to navigate and the colour wall at the rear of the store reinforces Crocs’ heritage with its iconic clog.

For Vince Gunn, Managing Director, Crocs Europe, “We are proud to launch this new shopping experience in Bluewater, a fantastic shopping environment to showcase our latest concept. I believe this new store experience truly embodies the spirit, aspirations and current expression of our brand and products. This is another critical development in the evolution of our Crocs brand and we look forward to welcoming and serving our customers in our new store.” For David Curtis, Crocs Global Store Planning Director, “This is an eclectic and unique retail experience that will elevate and delight the senses through warm, textural and unexpected material choices that personify our core brand principles – Authentic, Simple, Playful and Expressive.”

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