Katy Perry, David Beckham unveil Adidas shoes

Pop star Katy Perry and famed footballer David Beckham are among the fit celebrities backing a new sleek running shoe from Adidas, dubbed the ClimaCool Seduction. Famed American basketball player Derrick Rose and Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi also appear in the brand's new campaign for their spring kicks. ClimaCool Seduction aims to deliver "360 degrees" of cooling with ventilation channels across the shoe's outsole and midsole -- all designed to keep your feet dry and cool as you pound the pavement. Priced at $100, the sneaker comes in a futuristic design and bright colors.
Other new spring running shoes include Puma's latest addition to the Faas line, the Faas 800, ideal for runners who over-pronate (a gait issue where the foot rolls inward after landing), with a similar pricetag to the Adidas ClimaCool. While sneakers that prevent over-pronating are typically bulky, the Faas 800 is a lightweight approach to stability.

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