The Adidas Originals news channel “” went live on January 18. Headed by editor-in-chief Palina Rojinski, the site posts daily updates about music, fashion and lifestyle. In “Palina’s Diary,” Rojinski provides a glimpse at her colorful life as host, model, actress and DJ. Supported by experienced bloggers such as Evewithoutadam and Les Berlinettes, the new site is the editorial home of female opinion leaders, bloggers, photographers and artists and serves as an interactive platform for newcomer and established bloggers.Throughout 2012 Adidas Originals will arrange various activities for the bloggers and readers as well as provide the opportunity to even stage their own personal photo-shoots of the Adidas Originals women’s collection.

The network's goal is to build up a creative and mindful network of female authors and allow them to develop their crafts through the news channel.

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