Katy Perry and David Beckham team up to show off their athletic prowess for new Adidas commercial

He's a football superstar and she's a multi-million selling pop starlet, so who better than to advertise your sporting wears?

Katy Perry and David Beckham have teamed up once more to show off their athletic prowess for the new Adidas commercial. The stars have both filmed a new advert for the sporting brand and modelled an array of colourful garments in the promo.

She wore a peach vest top emblazoned with the Adidas logo, while her trainers were bright red.The fluorescent outfit was a stark contrast to her bright blue hair, which she dyed just before she shot the advert in January, two weeks after she split from husband Russell Brand.

Katy adopted a series of poses for the shoot, and at one point she sat on a merry-go-round as she perched on a carousel horse, smiling widely for the camera. At one point in the video, the pop star runs along with two friends as her pal and Adidas shoe designer Jeremy Scott cycled passed and waved at her.

The 26-year-old also posed for another photo with the designer, as she wore a white dress emblazoned with colourful letters of the alphabet. Jeremy held on to her waist for the picture as he dressed in a pink jacket and colourful shorts, with his hair curled into a quiff. And while Katy was in sunny California for her part of the TV advert, David Beckham was seen running in London for his slot.

The LA Galaxy player was dressed in a blue Adidas hooded jacket and black shorts as he ran along the River Thames. And like a true professional he smoldered into the camera as he posed in front of Big Ben
for the campaign. Fellow footballer Lionel Messi and American basketball player Derrick Rose also appear in the advert as they all run along in different cities.

The commercial switches to places including London, Moscow, Los Angeles and San Francisco, before a pile of papers was dropped on the floor showing the front page, which read: 'Britain prepares for 2012.' And it ends with the tag line: 'Adidas is all in.'

Katy filmed her spot for the commercial back in January, when she was fresh from her love split. She was seen jogging and cycling in the workout gear as she emerged in public for the first time since she announced she had become single.

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