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Katy Perry and David Beckham team up to show off their athletic prowess for new Adidas commercial plans value-added services

Woodland launches online store

Claus Heckerott new MD Adidas India

Nike sues Reebok in NY

Top level change in Adidas India, appoints Claus Heckerott as MD; Subhinder Singh Prem quits

256 Pairs of shoes with one buy

Reebok CrossFit Event Launch India

German shoe-care firm Melvo plans to buy out partner to float unit

Reebok slammed for 'cheat on your girlfriend' ad campaign

Adidas to buy Adams Golf for about $70M

Premji fund buys 5% in Trent

Experts call for ban on wearing 'hazardous' stilettos while driving

Indian footwear manufacturers urge retailers to support them instead of turning to offshore markets

Images Shoes & Accessories Awards Mumbai

FDI attracting Footwear Majors in India

Shoes may have changed how we run

Adidas to Pay 1,600-Euro Bonus to Employees, Bild Reports

An event solely dedicated to footwear

Global Shoes, International trade fair Germany from 14-16 Mar

Puma Appoints Chitrangada Singh as Brand Ambassador

Lilliput deal puts spotlight on Mitt Romney

'I Can' Women Half Marathon Supported by Puma

Louis Philippe focusing on Footwear

PUMA’s FAAS test by Mallika Haydon

French luxury fund L Capital front runner to buy Lilliput

Adidas, Nike, Puma underpay Bangladeshis

Louis Philippe Planning for Big space in store to increase Growth

Power Tigers select 'barefoot' shoes.

Difficult to meet 30 pc sourcing clause in retail: Adidas

Facebook backers take stake in Zalando

Net Profit-2011 Grows 49% for Bata India