Junglee.com (Amazon India) tie up with Reebok, Metro and Bestylish for Shoes

World’s Largest Online Retailer Amazon.com, Inc has launched its new online venture Junglee.com in India. Amazon.com founded by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994, first sold books online but slowly with time it became a giant retailer that sold everything under the sun. Starting from software, clothes, food, furniture, toys to every other thing which a person would like to buy is now offered by Amazon.

Amazon already has a very high number of visitors from all over the world. Thus this venture will initially give a good traffic boost to Amazon’s ecommerce partners. Amazon India has already has tied up with approximately 500 ecommerce players whose products will be featured on Junglee.com.

In U.S Amazon charges the salesperson for featuring their products on its site, but this facility is free of cost exclusively for Indian ecommerce sites. Amazon will now be able to access the data base of the ecommerce sites and get the information of the product that it will be featuring on its website’s market place. Not only this customers will be able to rate the products on the site and also give their valuable feedback on it.
However all the products won’t be featured on Junglee.com as the ecommerce players have decided to keep some Stock Keeping Units limited to their own website. For the footwear sale they have partnered with Metro Shoes, reebok India and E-commerce portal Bestylish and in talk with myntra.

Amazon is now ready to offer the best brands with best deals to the online shoppers of India and thus build the biggest online catalogue.

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