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GST slashed:Footwear, small TVs among 100 items impacted

In a big relief for millions of consumers, the Centre on Saturday conceded to a year-long demand and slashed GST rates on a wide range of daily use appliances and products.

The announcement in this regard was made by Union Finance Minister Piyush Goyal following a meeting of the GST Council, which decided to reduce tax rates on a wide range of daily use appliances and products.

"GST Council cuts tax rate on an array of products. Rakhis have been exempted from GST, tax on ethanol has been cut to 5 percent, small handicrafts have been exempted," Finance Minister Piyush Goyal told reporters during the press briefing.

Among several items on which GST was reduced include footwear, small televisions, water heater, electric ironing machines, refrigerators, lithium-ion batteries, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, food appliances and ethanol.

GST on mixer grinder, perfumes, cosmetics, shavers have also been reduced from 28 percent to 18 percent, the FM said.

GST on handbags, jewellery b…

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