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Adidas and Reebok are the best brands for environmental and social transparency

Adidas and Reebok have topped a ranking of brands’ social and environmental transparency. Sportswear might traditionally have had a bad rap when it comes to exploitation and unethical textile practises, but it’s athleisure labels who are topping Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index. Puma follows the other two brands in the list of 150 major global companies and brands, which looked into environmental and social commitments.

Although Fashion Revolution found improvements across the industry (of 5%), it said that most companies still operate in broadly the same way that enabled the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. The Rana Plaza disaster saw 1,000 workers die and the launch of this index marks the anniversary of the factory’s collapse. Only 55% of brands published measurable, timed goals on improving their environmental impact, while less than 40% published goals on improving human rights. Carry Somers, Fashion Revolution global operations director, says: ‘Ove…

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