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These Cole Haans will bust your old ideas of office footwear

Cole Haan’s 3.Zerogrand is a handsome shoe that you can wear for casual and semi-formal occasions. In and out of the office, basically, without having to explain yourself.

We hardly think of comfort when it comes to office shoes. Women we know think of height, brand, and whether or not it goes with the outfit du jour. That mostly means studs lining pointy flats named for a black and white film star. Expensive, but rather painful-looking. With the renaissance of the rubber shoe as office footwear—paired with jeans, an ironic shirt, and a blazer, the look is hip and announces, “corporate creative” with a bang not a whimper—one wonders what comfort footwear can evolve into or, if we’ll be wearing nomad rubber soles (wink, wink) to the office forever. The new Cole Haan shoe wants to change all that, and they may just succeed with the crowd who won’t wear rubber shoes to the office.

Cole Haan is breaking the mold with the Fall 2018 version of their ZEROGRAND line. It’s a transgressive new…

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