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Why Nike Sees Social Responsibility As An Opportunity To Innovate

Nike’s Hannah Jones and soccer great Abby Wambach are finding powerful, targeted ways to foster respect for the planet and all who live—and play—on it.

Environmental protection and equal opportunity are two of today’s most pressing global issues. Nike sustainability head Hannah Jones and soccer star Abby Wambach talk with Fast Company‘s Jill Bernstein about how international corporations and individuals alike can bring meaningful change to the world.

Fast Company: How did you two become challengers of the status quo?

Abby Wambach: The thing that led me into activism is that I am a little different. I’m so lucky for that. I always try to fight for the little guy or the voiceless, because in certain parts of my life I’m the minority, whether because I’m gay or a woman. That’s where any true activism is born—my heartbreaks. Find out what breaks your heart and do whatever you can to fix it.

Hannah Jones: When I was 16, I had a white Mohawk and I was a DJ on a pirate radio station that ke…

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